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Download 9 reasons to make quality mulch your supplier

The Quality Advantage

Nine Reasons to Make Quality Mulch Your Color Enhanced Enviro-Mulch Supplier

1. Quality Product

All our color enhanced enviro-mulch is processed using a state of the art rotochopper, the finest mulch grinding machine made. The dying process we follow ensures a consistent deep color that will keep your customers coming back. We do not use any construction or demolition material.

2. Price

The old adage “You get what you pay for” rings true in the color enhanced enviro-mulch business. Quality Mulch isnít the cheapest in town, but it is the finest quality and best customer service.

3. Different Mulch Colors

Aside from a consistent inventory of red, burnt orange, dark brown, walnut, brown and gold; Quality Mulch has access to 15 different mulch dyes. This allows you to offer your customers the greatest variety of colors for their landscaping needs.

4. Emergency Deliveries

Quality Mulch maintains a large inventory of all the popular mulch colors. We own our trucks and trailers. This insures we can respond to your emergency delivery requests. Our goal is to always keep you supplied with color enhanced enviro-mulch to sell.

5. Consistent Particle Size

Quality Mulch uses a two pass grinding process which insures consistent size particles in our products.

6. 100 Yards Load Minimum

A common complaint among retailers is they ordered a 100 yards, but received less. Quality Mulch trailers are loaded with the correct ordered amount guaranteed.

7. Year Around Availability

Quality Mulch receives 100-120 semi-loads of wood every week ready to be made into mulch. This allows us to provide product to our customers on a year round basis. No more dealing with seasonal wholesalers who run out in May or June.

8. Friendly Personal Service

From the time your order is received, to the time it is delivered, courtesy is our #1 goal. You are the most important part of our business.

9. Customer Support

You will have the cell phone number of your salesman as well as the owner of Quality Mulch. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us seven days a week, dawn till dusk.