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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quality Mulch made from?

Quality Mulch only uses quality wood to make its product. The wood comes from pallets, pallet cutoffs, industrial lumber and crating material. We do not use construction and demolition material. Also, this mulch is free from tree debris.

What size loads does Quality Mulch sell?

Quality Mulch is Wisconsinís largest enviro mulch wholesaler. Our load size in 100 cubic yards and can be shipped to your facility or drop shipped to a location of your choice.

What are the hours at Quality Mulch?

Our facility is open from 7:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. If you would like to come to our facility to see our product, please call (414) 761-0373 to schedule your meeting.

How long does it take for the mulch dye to fully cure?

When the mulch is dyed it is placed into a pile to cure. The internal heat generated by the pile does not allow the mulch to fully cure. Only after the mulch has been spread and allowed to dry in the sun for 24 hours will it have the opportunity to fully cure.

What happens if it rains after I receive my 100 yard load?

The mulch will not fully cure until it has been spread by the homeowner. If you receive significant rain after delivery, make sure you use your front end loader to turn over the mulch pile several times. This will allow the mulch on top that has experienced washout to be re-dyed by the mulch in the center that remains colored.